HSE Management System

The POSEIDON HSE Management System defines the policies and procedures with which we conduct our operations worldwide with regards to health safety and the environment.

Executive and operations mangement communicates the HSE philosophy to all employees, customers, contractors, and third parties associated with our business. All POSEIDON local and international units must provide envidence of conformance to the system.

The HSE Management system is made up of eight interrelated modules.

  • Commitment and leadership and acountability
  • Policy and objectives
  • Organization and Resources
  • Contractor and supplier management
  • Risk management
  • Business processes
  • Performance monitoring and improvement
  • Audits and reviews

These are continually improved by conformance checks

  • On day to day standards and procedure (controls)
  • On the management system (correction)
  • Through modification of the management system (improvement) 

HSE Policy Statement

Statement from Obinna Uchendu,
POSEIDON Chairman and Managing Director.

It is Poseidon’s policy that all activities are planned and executed in a manner:

  1. To ensure the safety of it's personnel and equipment.
  2. To ensure good health of its personnel.
  3. To ensure safe environment.
  4. To be sensitive to the need and concerns of the immediate community around its area of operations.
  5. To protect all POSEIDON personnel and subcontractors.

The safety of all personnel working on Poseidon or Client’s facilities including employees, our contractors and their sub-contractors is of great concern to the management. Therefore, it is necessary that each personnel recognizes certain rules while working.

  1. Has a systematic approach to HSE management, designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance improvement.
  2. Set targets for improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance.
  3. Requires all sub contractors to manage HSE inline with this policy.
  4. Includes HSE performance in the appraisal of the staff and rewards accordingly.

Directors of the company shall give full backing to this policy and will encourage and support all those who carry it out.